About Us

After small beginnings growing in my garden I now grow in a field in the neighbouring village. I (Rebekah) have lots of support from other members of my family whether that’s mowing, planting, cutting or looking interested when I’m talking about flowers yet again.  

HFG is now in its fourth season and the variety of flowers and foliage I offer is increasing as perennials become more established. It was exciting to cut the first of the peonies last year - it was a long three years to wait!

Although flowers are a natural product there is increasing realisation that growing flowers can be harmful to the environment and there are many issues to consider. The field supports a wide variety of insects. The weed suppressing fabric we use in the field is made from plastic (as are the plant pots) but it is reused over and again and replaces the need for sprays. The packaging for all our bouquets is compostable or recyclable.  

The aim of the farm is to provide fresh, local, seasonal blooms that are beautiful and fragrant from March to October. We also grow and dry our own flowers which are available July to December.

If you want further information please contact me by phone or email.

We are proud to be a member of the Flowers From The Farm network – www.flowersfromthefarm.co.uk